Friday, September 23, 2011

DIY Online Marketing Strategy in 7 Steps

Many people approached me lately seeking my advice on finding the right mix for a comprehensive, yet easy-to-implement, online marketing strategy for their startup websites. This blog post presents, based on my own experience, a successful formula to launch an online marketing campaign which will ignite your website performance. The formula is consisted of 7 steps as follow:

1- On-Page Optimization
- Ensure that your pages are indexable
- Ensure that Google knows about your site
- Ensure that crawlers can crawl your site and robots and index the site
- Brainstorm the keywords that your clients would most likely Google
- Develop a one-line mantra and short 30 second elevator pitch
- Ensure the meta tags on site reflect the keywords, mantra and pitch

2- Site Submission
Submit your website’s URL to the following directories and websites:
2. Best of the Web
4. Yahoo!
6. MSN
It is advisable to search for more directories and submit your website’s URL to them.

3- Pay-Per-Click Campaign
- Establish Google Adwords account
- Define monthly budget
- Define keywords and target locations
- Define marketing copy and the ‘call to action’
- Test various marketing copy alternatives
- Optimize campaign for efficiency, performance, ranking
- Integrate Google AdWords account with Google Analytics account for traceability
- Monitor and adjust campaign based on performance expectations

4- Social Networking Initiatives
- Establish accounts on the following social networking sites:
1. LinkedIn
2. Facebook
3. YouTube
4. Twitter
5. Flickr
- Create consistent profile using defined keywords
- Link accounts back to your website to build inbound links

5- 3rd Party Content Management Systems (CMS)
- Establish accounts on the following blog sites:
1. Wordpress
2. Blogger
- Create blogs based on mantra, elevator pitch, product/service offerings and descriptions.
- Provide regular (minimum of one article per week per blog), unique, relevant content, tagged and optimized for lead generation and conversion.
- Include social bookmarking tiles, links to professional social networking profiles, and references to network of resources, friends and primary web site.

6- Social Bookmarking
- Establish accounts on the following blog sites:
1. Technorati
3. Digg
- Drop social bookmarking tiles on all sites within the network
- Actively visit each page of each website in the network and bookmark

7- Web Analytics
- Ensure that Google Analytics is effective on your website
- Determine your website visitors ‘call to action’
- Set up conversion goals to track web site visitor calls to action
- Ensure connectivity between Google Adwords and Google Analytics
- Produce, monitor, and disseminate analytics weekly/monthly reports


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  6. This looks like a very well thought out marketing plan. Like something an seo agency would present to a client in a fancy folder during a fancy meeting. Very informative and well done. You really know how to run an internet marketing campaign!

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