Sunday, July 15, 2012

Proven Tips for Writing Copy that Sells

Compiled from various articles and reports on copywriting, the following tips will help you write copy that builds awareness, generates leads and increases sales. There is certainly more, but this collection of tips covers the basics and will help you on any copywriting you face. Enjoy!

To plan your project, answer these basic questions:
- What is the piece?
- What is the subject?
- Who is the audience? 
- What is the purpose? 
- How will the piece be used?

To prepare to write copy, gather useful online and offline source materials:
- Web sites. 
- Ads. 
- Brochures. 
- Newsletters. 
- Annual reports. 
- Articles. 
- Catalogs. 
- News releases.
- Speeches.
- Videotapes. 
- Market research.
- Marketing plans.
- Reports.
- Competitors' ads and sales literature.

To write effective copy:
- Loosen up and make writing fun. 
- Be personal. 
- Be interesting.
- Use humor with caution.
- Always make things easy on your audience.
- Have the you's far exceed the we's. 
- Write strong noun-verb combinations. 
- Write short sentences and paragraphs. 
- Use simple words. 
- Write to express, not impress. 
- Write the way you talk. 
- Use personal pronouns. 
- Use contractions. 
- Use the active voice. 
- Begin sentences with conjunctions.
- Use subheads. 
- Write subheads that tell the story to those who skim copy. 
- Use bullets.
- Stop after saying what needs saying. 
- Capture attention in an appropriate way.

To get attention:
- Use a powerful headline. 
- Tell the audience something they know.
- Ask a question.
- Offer an anecdote. 
- Say something timely.

To connect with your audience:
- Do your homework.
- Walk a mile in their shoes.
- Make them feel important (and do it sincerely). 
- Talk in terms of their interests. 
- Arouse in them an eager want. 
- Begin in a friendly way.
- Get them saying yes, yes immediately.
- Dramatize your ideas.

To persuade and motivate:

- Identify the need or problem. 
- Provide a solution and its benefits. 
- Provide proof with facts, statistics, opinions and testimonials. 
- Tell the audience what to do next, including how and when.
- Keep the call to action simple and specific to avoid confusion.

To write clearly and correctly:
- Always let clarity be your guide. 
- Make sure subjects and verbs are in agreement.
- Do not overload copy with modifiers. 
- Put modifiers near the words they are modifying.
- Use a dictionary, thesaurus and style book.

To complete the copy:
- Keep approval levels to a minimum. 
- Read copy from your audience's viewpoint, not as an editor. 
- Provide specific comments.
- Let the copywriter do the rewriting.

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