Thursday, January 3, 2013

Smartphones of 2013: What to Expect?

We all noticed the rapid evolution in smartphones over the last few years. Nevertheless, 2012 was a major milestone as it saw bigger, smarter and more powerful smartphones than ever. Soon enough, the complete variety of smartphones out in the market will ensure that there is a smartphone for everyone, at almost any budget!

Personally, I expect 2013 to see quad-core processors, up to 5" screens, and up to 1080p displays become the norm in a smartphone. I also think that 64GB of onboard storage will become more widespread, and I hope that we will see tougher smartphones (perhaps with flexible displays!) that have longer battery lives.

But what smartphones will be the publicity-grabbers and technology-world-shakers of the 2013’s smartphones scene? Below are my pick of the bunch.

iPhone 5S

I expect the same design but with a slightly upgraded screen compared to iPhone 5. It will feature an enhanced A6 processor, an enhanced camera, the all-new iOS 7, which adds better maps, better sharing of data between devices and improved multitasking, and hopefully an improved battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Running on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, I expect a massive, clear and exceptionally high quality 4.7" wraparound screen and huge processor upgrade – perhaps an "octo-core" processor? However, the design will still feature a relatively cheap-feeling plastic cover, and a host of new colours.

BlackBerry 10

Resembling the likes of Android and iOS, its whole new user interface will merge home screens, widgets, app lists into one slick interface, offering an easy-to-navigate user experience. I expect it to have an HD screen, enhanced camera, and improved battery life, which are bound to capture a few diehard BlackBerry fans.

Nokia Lumia 940

Even though the Windows Phone platform is still troublingly low on quality apps, Nokia’s flagship smartphone will run Windows Phone 8.5, and hopefully with improved processor to run the best Windows Phone 8 games. I expect it to be lighter and thinner than the Nokia Lumia 920, with the best 35MP camera ever seen in a mobile device since the Nokia PureView 808.

Facebook Phone by HTC

With vivid use of Facebook's trademark blue in its design, this will be an old-fashioned HTC smartphone with dual-core processor and high definition screen, running on modified Android Gingerbread. I expect its main features and hardware buttons are related to Facebook.

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