Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gotta Love Cinema.bh!

Smartphones really have changed the way that we work, interact and play. There is literally an app for everything and this has made finding information or services easier than it has ever been before. Yet, I don’t know why VIVA Bahrain haven’t thought of that when they developed Cinema.bh! Still, I found the newly launched website to be perfectly optimized for every mobile device you can think of.

So, last weekend, I avoided the usual hassle of queuing up at cinema, used Cinema.bh to book my cinema tickets. And though I wasn’t happy about charging a booking fee of 300 fils per ticket, I loved the experience! Here are my thoughts about it:

1. VIVA’s Cinema.bh allows you to search for your favourite cinema, find the film’s show times, and best of all, book the seats completely negating the need to become their customer! All what you need is to sign up for a free account at the website, and you can simply use any credit or debit card to pay for the tickets.

2. With proper use of thumbnails, VIVA’s Cinema.bh lists all the film titles currently featured in Bahrain Cinema with details, such as the genre, director, cast and classification, and most importantly the IMDB ratings. You can also view the trailers on YouTube without having to leave the website.

3. Go paperless with Cinema.bh. Whenever you book tickets online, you receive instantly the tickets via email. No need to print them at home or queue at an automatic ticket dispenser, the tickets’ barcodes are simply scanned directly from your smartphone at the cinema’s gate! 

Cinema.bh’s presentation is really its chief selling point, as well as the relevant information available at your fingertips, and both combined with wonderfully designed and simple-to-navigate interface that allows simple transition from browser to buyer of tickets make for a wholly successful cinema ticketing website.