Sunday, June 8, 2014

Why I Use VIVA Self Care Mobile App?

Ever since VIVA Bahrain launched its Self Care mobile app, managing my bill, plan and account became easy and more convenient. All of the information about my VIVA account that is accessible online are now just a quick tap and a sign-in away with their Self Care mobile app – though I wish VIVA named its app something catchy like “My VIVA” or “VIVA Connect”.

As a user of both, Android and iOS devices, I was happy to find out that VIVA Self Care app is available as a free download through Google Play or the iTunes App Store. The app is also available for free through Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry App World. I hope that eventually, VIVA Self Care mobile app will come preinstalled on devices. Anyway, here are my reasons why it’s a must-have for any VIVA customer:

1. My usage is available at quick glance. The summary screen shows my summaries for minutes, messages and data usage. Then in a click of a button, I can easily pay my bill.

2. Everything looks and feels easy. From transferring balances and international credit, through activating add-ons, to submitting service requests, I found the clear and app’s simple interface is its best feature.

3. Saved me time and effort. I no longer have to visit the store to ask about VIVA’s latest offers, or call VIVA on 124 to inquire about specific product or service. All what I need to know about what VIVA has to offer and more is under my fingertips.

My phone is already smart, mobile and on the move; and the VIVA Self Care mobile app gives my VIVA account and plan management that same flexibility.